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Call me many times and abused me very cheap My photo is on what's app dp of this number - reported by
Goodhncvbgcbcvzxbcvvxvcfbsdijfzzbjv vhgdbdvfd - reported by Rahul
Many times call from this number within 2months.If I receive the call then no one answer. - reported by
My wife phone call forward this number without permission - reported by T.bose rajan
My wife phone call forward this number without permission - reported by T.bose rajan
My wife phone call forward this number with out permission - reported by Boserajan
Some how got original customers code to phone plan, changed the code then added another line that was "free" but original customer of the phone and phone plan still ended up paying for this so called "free line". Original customer had this "free line" taken off the plan but they still were on the phone plan 2 weeks later. Smh laughing at these... They have no idea what they got themselves into. I'm praying for them. - reported by
He is a fruad man. He is take some money from me still flyaway. - reported by Agha Muhammad